Snitches Get Stitches: Naya Rivera, Safaree Samuels & Brittney Griner Respond

And you thought your ex dragging you across his 327 twitter followers was bad for your brand…

Apparently the “kiss-and-tell” is back in vogue for the 20-teens.  In response to Big Sean’s hilarious 2014 liberation anthem “IDFWU”, Naya Rivera took to twitter to drop subliminals on the payback she has simmering at a cool 250 degrees.  The main course will be a “juicy” memoir (we blame you) about “Glee, guys, growing up & much more” – a.k.a 100ish pages dropping hints about ya boy’s “preferences”.  

Meanwhile, fully clothed in an antique bathtub, Safaree is still trying to make you care about his split from Nicki Minaj.  Apparently he’s released a reply to Nicki’s tell-all track “Bed of Lies”, titled “Love the Most”.  Since we at Speakerbox spent our remaining f*cks on what the move is for lunch (a full steak stuffed in between two tortillas), neither one of us have listened to the track.  So I don’t know, YouTube that sh*t if you’re interested.

Finally, your girlfriend’s favorite hooper, WNBA star Brittney Griner, talked to ESPN about her curious split from wife of 28-days, Glory Johnson. As expected, no new details were provided on the origins of that baby.  The point of the interview has been forwarded to Nancy Drew for further investigation.

Here’s a thought, if you don’t over-hype your dysfunctional relationship, you won’t have to book studio time and borrow your rapper friend’s autotune to explain why that mess ended. Facts.

Verdict:  F*ck Sh*t CERTIFIED (F.S.C.)